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ISO 27001 Implementation

Infosec consulting are leaders in terms of ISO 27001 consulting and are able assist your organization with any aspect of the implementation of the ISO 27001 Standard.

Our assistance is guided by 20 years of experience and will allow you to better manage the security of your organizations assets (i.e financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted by third parties) with the aim of aligning to or achieving compliance in the standard in the most effective manner.

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Cyber Security Assessment

Cyber security assessments are a critical part of any organisation understanding their current Cyber Security strengths and weaknesses and involve us evaluating the organisations environment, risks and their current security controls.

We also assess the organization’s preparedness against cyber-attack vectors and known and future vulnerabilities . The aim is to get a full picture of cyber security and understand the issues and remediating steps which can lower the risk and reduce the attack surface.  The results are then presented to management where we can look at the options which work best for your environment and then select appropriate strategies and related controls.

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Technical Security Testing
(Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing)

Technical security testing includes a variety of techniques and specialised tools to identify attack vectors and vulnerabilities both external and internal to your organisation.  This involves Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing where our ethical hackers are able to simulate cyber-attacks using strategies and tools aiming to identify exploitable issues which could lead to impacts on the business and data breaches and report back to you with recommendations to improve your controls.

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Cyber Security Consulting

We have a wide array of experience in specific Cyber security consulting engagements for our clients where we serve as a trusted advisor or in some cases as a Virtual CISO.  We specialise in designing and implementing controls across a wide range of activities aiming to detect, prevent, reduce, or counteract security risks.

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